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Headlamps On

Vanquish Carbon Cutaway

The ‘VH’ chassis platform that under pinned every Aston Martin made at Newport Pagnell until 2016 allowed for a variety of different body panels to be fitted to create different car designs. Introduced in 2012 the Vanquish featured carbon fibre panel, a design element proudly displayed by the exposed carbon fibre sills. This cutaway model was created to show this step forward in technology for a production Aston Martin. The engine was an evolution on the stalwart V12, re-engineered with new heads, a machined combustion chamber and bigger inlet valves allowing for 565bhp. If you cared about such things is was also supposed to give better fuel economy.

DB7 Zagato

Based on 100 DB7 Vantage Volante chassis the DB7 Zagato is a classic 2 seater hand built by Zagato’s team of coachbuilders. You can clearly see the classic Aston martin Zagato ‘double bubble’ roof line that has been a feature ever since the DB4 GT Zagato. The car on display in the museum is chassis 100, a slight mis-numbering as it was actually one of the first ever made and was retained by Aston Martin.

V8 Engine

V8 Engine

Aston Martin V8 engine produced for the V8 Vantage from 2005 – 2017.